Easy setup
in 3 steps

Step 1: Authenticate with your DigitalOcean account

The first time you log in to DigitalDam, you will be asked to connect to your DigitalOcean account.

Once you have successfully authenticated, you are ready for step 2.

Step 1 screenshot: Authenticate with your DigitalOcean account

While we're good friends with the folks at DigitalOcean, we're not affiliated with them. "Droplet" is a DigitalOcean trademark, and we're using it with their permission.

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Create DigitalOcean Account

Step 2: Add Droplets / Servers

Click the Add Server button. You will be presented with a list of Droplets from your DigitalOcean account. Select one to create a backup schedule for it.

Server Details Page

After adding your Droplet to DigitalDam, you will be redirected to the server details page.

Backup Schedule: Here you can see if your hourly, daily, and weekly backups are on or off. If they are on, you will also be able to see how often they are scheduled, how many copies are retained, and when the next backup will take place.

Settings: This panel shows which backup methods are active and the statuses of the SSH and database connections.

Performed Backups: Once backups are running, you will be able to see information about retained copies of performed backups with details such as type (hourly, daily or weekly), the size of the snapshot, how long ago it was performed. From here you will also be able to delete any backup if you no longer want to keep it.

Step 3: Edit the schedule and configure the additional settings

Edit Schedule Page

This page has three sections: Hourly, Daily and Weekly

Hourly: Here you can set up an interval for hourly backups, from once every half an hour (if your plan allows it) and once in 12 hours. You can also choose how many hourly backups you would like to retain.

Daily: Here you can set up what time of day you would like your daily backups to take place. You can also choose how many daily backups you would like to retain.

Weekly: Here you can set up a schedule for weekly backups. You may select which day of the week and what time you would like the weekly backups to be performed. You can also choose how many weekly backups you would like to retain.

Server Settings Page

This page is divided into three parts: backup methods, notification settings and SSH settings for optional database and off-site backup.

Backup Methods: The default backup method is DigitalOcean's snapshots. In this panel you may also enable and set up the database backup to have a fallback in case of a possibly malformed database inside a snapshot. If you enable the off-site file backup option, you will be able to enter your SSH credentials to connect to your off-site file storage server.

Notification Settings: In this panel you can set up email and Slack notifications (some options may not be available depending on your plan).

SSH Settings: The SSH setup in this panel is used to perform database and off-site backups, so it's only required if one of these options are enabled.

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